Good calories vs Bad calories

watching calories
watching calories

Many people will watch their calorie intake to manage their weight, but are calories all the same.

The answer is NO! calories from proteins and fats have a completely different effect on the body than calories from carbohydrates (starches and sugars).

Fats and proteins are functional calories, meaning that they not only provide energy ( calories) but are utilized in the functioning of the body. They are essential for hormone production (increasing energy and wellbeing) for mental function ( improving memory and cognition) and repair and maintenance of every cell in the body.

Proteins and fats tend to increase metabolism where as carbohydrates tend to slow metabolism and push the body to energy storage.

This doesn’t mean that we should cut carbohydrates completely out of the diet, but we should make sure we have a well balanced diet, that fits with our body and our life style.